Notice of Reservation

How to make a resevation

Please read and accept "Notice of Reservation and Purchase",
beforehand you make a reservation.

How to Make Reservations

Amakusa Airline Resevation Center

1.  Please contact Amakusa Airlines Reservation Center
Amakusa Airlines Reservation Center:0969-34-1515 (9:00~18:00)
①  Reservation starts at 9:00 a.m. the same calendar date, 2 months prior to the flights.
Passenger with hearing and speech disabilities can make reservations by using FAX. FAX:0969-57-6015
Passengers who made reservations by telephone will be offered to your reservation numbers. They are your identification for your flight, and they include important personal information. It is required when boarding, changing, canceling your flight and applying for refunds. Please make sure not to lose.
2.  Please contact Amakusa Airlines’ website and make your reservation.
3.  Please contact travel agency.

Amakusa Airline Resevation Center

Amakusa Airline Resevation Center

Passenger made resevation by telephone will be offered to your resevation number.
As the number is your identification for your flight.Also it includes importamt information for comfarming your flight, it is required when bording, changeing your flight and applying for a refound. Keep it safe until you have completed your trip

How to Check-in

How to purchase your ticket

1.Purchased by cash

Please present your purchase certificate of the tickets and your reservation number.

2.Purchased by credit card

Please present a credit card which you purchased a ticket and your reservation number.

3.Purchased at travel agency

Please present your exchange order
(the tickets which are issued at travel agency).

Domestic Flights

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One Way




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