Check-in baggage

● Important notice regarding check-in baggage

The items listed below should be carried with you and not included in your check-in baggage.

◇  Cash
◇  Expensive items
◇  Valuables
◇  Bottles

AMX will not be liable for any damage to the valuable and fragile items.
Please switch off electronic devices (excluding valuables and fragile items) in your check-in baggage.

● Size and weight restricted on check-in baggage

◇  Up to 20 kilograms may be checked in per passenger.
◇  An excess baggage fee will be assessed for items exceeding the permitted volume for carry-on items.
◇  The aircraft has limited carry-on and cargo area space. AMX reserves the right to refuse skis, surfboard, golf bags, diving gear, and other large items as check-in baggage.

● About pet

Check-in must be made at least 30 minutes prior to departure.
Please submit the Consent/Release Form which you had completed in advance.
Fees will apply to check-in your pet.

Carry-on baggage

● Rules for carry-on baggage

Carry-on baggage is restricted by size, weight and quantity to ensure safe, pleasant travel.
Items not meeting these restrictions as well as items that are determined to not be capable of appropriate storage on-board due to space considerations may need to be checked in at the departure gate or passenger cabin for transportation in the baggage hold.

● Size and weight restrictions on carry-on baggage

A passenger may carry-on board one personal belonging, such as a shopping bag or handbag, and one baggage meeting the restrictions show below. The weight of both carry-on baggage pieces shall not exceed 10 kilograms.

The weight is limited to 10kg for one

Restricted items

The Civil Aeronautics Act places restrictions on personal effects and objects in carry-on items that may be check-in and carried aboard, and prohibits certain dangerous items. The transport of explosive and flammable objects, as well as objects that may cause bodily harm or may damage other objects in the aircraft are prohibited by law. Such objects may not be checke-in or carried aboard. Knives of any length or any other items that could be used to cause injury, such as scissors are not permitted as carry-on baggage.
※Please note that certain dangerous items, such as scissors, knives and golf clubs may not be carried aboard. Please check them in at the counter.

● Example

◇  Lighter

Each passenger may carry on up to one cigarette lighter(excluding tank type lighter).

※Do not forget the lighter on the Cabin.

◇  Spray cans(containing flammable gas)
◇  Baggage that may leak

Please place items such as fresh and frozen fishes, and plastic bottles that may cause leakage at your feet, not stowed in the overhead compartment.

Connection information

● Important notice regarding check-in baggage

In the event that passengers have connecting domestic flights of JAL (Japan Airlines) group or FDA (Fuji Dream Airlines), baggage may be checked through to your final destination provided certain conditions are met.

①  Connecting flights are the same date and at the same airport.
②  The following minimum connecting time is required.
Fukuoka airport:more than 50 minutes
Kumamoto airport:more than 30 minutes
Osaka(Itami) airport:more than 50 minutes
③  Complete to make reservations and purchase tickets of your connecting flight.
※If passengers purchased AMX’s tickets by using ticket-less service by telephone and on the website, please contact AMX Reservation Center( TEL:0969-34-1515 ). AMX’s purchase certificate will be issued and sent by FAX.
④  Not exceed free baggage allowance of each airline companies’ “Conditions of Carriage”
※Please check-in again at transit airport.
※Any raw food (perishable goods), bottles (fragile goods), valuables, pet may be not checked through to your final destination. Please pick up them at transit airport.

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